Tabula Rasa improvises on the installation of visual artist Linda Øgaard.

On the last day of the exhibition, Tabula Rasa performed. Through a 3-hour session, where the audience came and went in small groups, the vocal ensemble performed their interpretation of the exhibition. The five singers had each chosen their work, which was used as a kind of graphic score. As the various works work together in the room, the singers also interacted with each other both physically and musically. The singers' improvisations spanned a wide range and embodied everything from play and wonder to desperation and breakdown.

At an early stage in the planning of the exhibition, Tabula Rasa was invited to participate in the exhibition and the performance was planned in close collaboration with the visual artist. Their performance substantiated and clarified the exhibition's themes and purpose. Curator Kamilla Sajetz Mathisen writes in her text "The contrasts are central to Linda Øgaard's installations: The soft body meets hard architecture, the interior is reflected in the exterior" and «The absence of tactility, tangibility and closeness, the absence of body and place that we have all known, meets its counterpart in Øgaard's installation. The viewer's movements in the work provide a phenomenological experience of it, where form and meaning are shifted from the viewer's position, both the outer and the inner». When Tabula Rasa appears in the room, it is the viewers who themselves are regarded. They are the soft bodies of the hard architecture. They are the individuals who in very different ways take part in what is around them.
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