Sort Glimmer/Hrafntinna is a multimedia production that combines musical composition, video and performance art. In their collaboration, composers Halldis Rønning and Hilmar Thordarson present a technologically innovative concept where they use ConDiS (Conducting Digital System) electronic conductor gloves that can influence electronic sound and images in real time.

The title is inspired by a volcanic rock found in iceland that historically has been shrouded in mystery and is said to provide insight into the world´s past, present and future. The idea is a result of Rønning and Thordarson´s successfull collaboration with "Bridging the Gap-Condis Project". This project was part of Thordarson´s artistic research work at NTNU where he developed a glove that can be used by conductors to influence electronic sounds during a concert.

Rønning´s creative work is about interdisciplinary meeting points. She wants to challenge established formats for art communication by forming new connections and thus new art expressions. A visual artist, a choreographer, as well as musicians and singers are included in the project.

Film and video artist Thorbjörg Jonsdottir is responsible for the visual artistic expression. She will help enhance the show´s overall experience through the use of abstract motifs and landscapes with focus on colour, shape, and light.

Through collaboration with choreographer Karen Eide Bøen, the conductor´s movements, as well as the performative expression, will be explored. This also includes the musicians- who in addition to performing the music- also will use movement as an artistic form of expression.

The IMNO Ensemble (Rønning own ensemble with musicians specialized in improvisation) Featuring Guro Skumsnes MoeElse Olsen S. and Jostein Stalheim.
Tabula Rasa
Caput Ensemble (A group from Reykjavik that specializes in contemporary music)